Guiding Principles

Five guiding principles govern everything we do at  R R Accountancy Ltd, and along with our accounting experience, our integrity, and our understanding of contractors’ needs, we think they’re a major factor in our success.

We always put our clients first

At R R Accountancy Ltd, our clients are at the very centre of our business. We take the time to get to know you and understand your circumstances so that we can deliver the best possible service, and we love receiving constructive feedback.

We give our staff the room to grow

A well-trained, motivated team will always deliver the best results. That’s why we invest heavily in training and developing our people, making sure they have all the skills, knowledge and support they need to serve you as effectively as you would expect. We also make sure they can see a pathway for their own progression. The net result? They’re happy, you’re happy, and we’re happy too.

We can serve you better by working together

A great team is more than the sum of its parts. We make the most of our staff’s huge diversity of skills, knowledge experience, using it to benefit all our clients. Working together also means ensuring that you’re as engaged with the process as you want to be – and that you have every opportunity to get in touch with us when you need to tell us anything, or find something out.

We want to be good, and stay good

We’re proud to offer an exceptional level of service to our clients, but if we rested on our laurels we’d quickly start to fall short. So to stay at the top of our game we keep our foot on the pedal, keep learning, and take every opportunity to push ourselves just that little bit harder. That means you’ll keep getting top-notch service for as long as we work together.

We’re in it for the long haul

Our business model is predicated on developing lasting partnerships with our clients. Since we know that the only way to get your loyalty is to earn it, you can trust us to keep your best interests firmly in mind at all times, and to be there whenever you need to talk to us.