We’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with the service you receive from RR Accountancy (PVT) Ltd. This page sets out what you can expect from us at all times.

Sound advice from a trained professional

RR Accountancy (PVT) Ltd will give you the best possible advice based on our detailed knowledge of current and emerging tax law and our understanding of your own particular circumstances. Our HMRC-compliant staff guarantees to keep the amount of tax you pay to the absolute minimum that the law allows.

Honest pricing

You might imagine that appointing a tax accountant would be an expensive business, but at RR Accountancy (PVT) Ltd we’re determined to prove otherwise. We keep our overheads down and we aim for repeat business, which means that while we’re saving you serious money, our prices won’t break the bank. We also have no minimum contract value or closing-down fees.

Service in a language we can all understand

Tax accounting is a specialised business, but we know you don’t want to have to learn a whole new vocabulary just to find out what’s going on with your accounts. We communicate in simple, jargon-free language whether it’s in person, on paper, or on the phone, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Timeliness and efficiency

Nobody wants to wait around while their accounts are being processed. So whether we’re filing your tax return or processing your payroll, RR Accountancy (PVT) Ltd will always serve you in the shortest time possible.

Services you can rely on

When you appoint RR Accountancy (PVT) Ltd to handle your accounts, you are guaranteed unlimited direct access to your UK-based accountant for all help and advice. Your accountant will be highly specialised with lots of experience of working with contractors and will ensure you pay no more tax than you are legally obliged to.

As well as full administrative support wherever and whenever you require, your accountant can:

  • Process your year-end accounts
  • Organise your payroll
  • Administer dividends
  • Deal with HMRC and Companies House
  • Complete your VAT return
  • Complete your Annual Tax Retur